Thank you for considering Ardor Learning! Our audition process is designed to ensure we are the right learning environment to meet your family’s needs.

We are currently accepting applications for ages 6 through 12 (depending on the individual child we may consider ages outside of this range) for the September 2019 school year.

If you’re ready to begin the audition process, please start by filling in the following form.

  1. Visit Us!

    • Schedule a campus tour to learn more about our unique program.

  2. Submit Your Audition

    • Start your Audition by filling in the Quiz below. The Audition will include the Quiz, filling out the application form we will send, and providing two teachers or coaches to fill out a profile survey for your child.

  3. Final Interaction

    • After we receive the entry form, we will schedule a final interview for both parents and the prospective student to address any final questions. If everything is aligned, your child will be invited to visit Acton Academy for a day. This is a great way for us to get to know your child and allow them to experience learning at Acton.

  4. Admissions Decision

    • We will convey our decision on the admission within a week after the interaction. The admission will be confirmed upon receipt of the non-refundable admissions deposit.

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